EXO Ready For The Next Round Of Promotions?

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EXO-M have gone back to China!? WHAAAT?

Just realized!
(Credit: wufan-kris.tumblr.com)

I thought EXO-M‘s schedule was free until June 30th. I haven’t even caught up with all of their latest interviews because I have been SO busy ;_; I just skim through them. I have so much to say… =P

It was not until I saw a picture of Kris “looking like a prince” at the airport, according to fans, did I realize that EXO-M were traveling back to China (why do I always feel sad yet somewhat happy when they travel to China? Does that even make sense? xD). It’s as if Kris has taken fans’ advice very seriously about his ‘fashion runway’ outfits =P I noticed that the rest of EXO-M were wearing casual clothes to the airport while Kris looked like he was dressed up for some business meeting (minus the dark jeans that he is wearing).

Kris: I’m a fashionista!
(Credit: lulu)

I have a feeling that Kris pays A LOT of attention to what fans say about him. Kris, please dress up as an Angry Bird and fly next time? xD Also, as mentioned before, the way Kris most often carries his “purse” is the way I carry things after shopping from the grocery store (the grocery bags can be heavy at times so carrying them over my shoulders feels less burdensome). Hahaha!

Speaking about the fashionista of EXO-M, I saw a denim jacket that was similar to Kris‘ one, which earned him the nickname, “Cowboy/Denim Boy,” in the women’s section of Zara yesterday. It was really nice and one of my friends liked the jacket too. My friend also wanted to check out some perfumes and while we were testing them out, I spotted Gucci Guilty Pour Homme for men (the perfume Kris stans have been talking about). I laughed so hard when I saw it. I told my friend, “I want to know how this smells!” So my friend sprayed some on me and it didn’t smell that great! My friend ended up spraying several other perfumes for men on me after that. On the other hand, I wish I had brought my blazers with me. I left them back at home >_< As a business student, I actually dress up in formal attire when needed, but I would never wear them at the airports! xD I prefer my own casual style for the airports, which tend to be comfortable and sometimes funky.

Overall, Kris makes me laugh a lot. I don’t know about the majority of other fans, but I just find him incredibly funny…even when he is serious. For instance, in the recent preview of EXO-M‘s interview with Spicy Microphone Radio (what a name!), I couldn’t help but ask, “What on Earth are you trying to do Kris?” Hahahahaha! Furthermore, XiuMin smiling with his baby face at 0:13 while standing next to Kris in the lift was cute and hilarious at the same time.

EXO-M‘s interview with Spicy Microphone Radio

Check out the “MYSTERIOUS DRAGON EMERGING” caption while Kris acts out his part. There should have been smoke coming out of him. Please excuse me while I laugh at this EXO comedy.

My reaction:

You’re trying too hard, Kris! (Credit: wufan-kris.tumblr.com)

As one can see from the preview, Tao ends up crying again! What are we going to do with this sensitive Kungfu Panda? On the other hand, when I pay close attention to what Kris says in his interviews, especially about tearing up due to homesickness and his reason for “Angel/Into Your World” being his favorite track, why does it sound like I had predicted all of that stuff from before (referring to my post in early March, in which I had specifically mentioned Kris in: EXO’s “Into Your World” English Translation (Teaser 22 and 23 Lyrics))?

Due to my busy schedule, I don’t talk about EXO a lot these days, but people around me that are not fans of EXO, have started asking me, “How’s EXO!?” xD These people are amazing for being so attentive to my interests. I should be very thankful that they care about me. The number of conversations that I’ve had about SM Entertainment with non-K-pop fans is amazing. I’ve even discussed SM Entertainment with one of my lecturers as she had been doing work for the Chinese entertainment industry a few years back. She was aware of Super Junior. Moreover, she told me that I should get in touch with the students in the other section of the class as they did a whole project on SME (the group must have talked about SME’s controversial issue with contracts). Interestingly, I sat next to a girl in class once to discuss the kind of job we wanted and she plans to go back to China and do some media related work in the entertainment industry. I really hope she gets the job iA! I told her, “If you ever meet EXO-M, let me know!” She didn’t know who they were so I had to explain xD I, as a non-Chinese person, telling all the Chinese students about EXO-M is really funny…hahaha!

Moving on, I watched the following part of EXO-K‘s “MAMA” dance practice that was revealed yesterday and I must say, this is so much better than the original! Honestly speaking, the “MAMA” part in the original version is creepy and I would have preferred hearing Baekhyun’s vocals, which you can hear from 0:43 onwards, over that part any day!

In the second cut, notice how majority of the members are wearing black, black, black, black, and more black (with a bit of gray). These guys really do love wearing black for dance practices! xD I shouldn’t be saying anything, I prefer wearing dark colors for dance practices too. I always like to wear black pants for practice ’cause they make my legs look more slim.

On a side note, I found the following picture of EXO-K sorting out candy kind of cute. Sehun‘s shirt with a duck caught my attention. It reminds me of one of the second comments that I had made in the post: EXO’s Kris Can Smile o.O

EXO-K sorting out candy
(Credit: To the rightful owner)

I also just found out that today is EXO-K‘s last day of promoting “MAMA”. The question is, what are their plans for the next few days? Are they going to start promoting their next album soon?

We’ll just have to wait and see.

cr: http://asparkofmoonlight.wordpress.com—Moonlight


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