EXO-M Stunning Debut, Secrets of Korean Trainee Life


Although I have been aware of some of the points made about trainee life in South Korean entertainment companies for a while, I thought the following information was rather interesting to hear directly from an expert.

(Credit: As mentioned in the picture)

The locals always know more than the international fans (that includes me) =P

The article forgot to mention that Kris had trained for 4 years =/ Anyhow, I’m going to speak about some of the points that were made.

It is only through the Internet that we know trainees are to-be-artists…

It’s only through the Internet that I even discovered K-Pop =P Moreover, marketing books continuously make a reference to how the Internet has become a major tool for business these days, particularly the promotional aspects of it in addition to e-commerce. Marketing books should use the spread of the Hallyu Wave as a big example of how entertainment companies have effectively utilized social media platforms. On a random note, there are tons of trainees from several different entertainment companies that are on social networking sites xD

Grooming a trainee is the most important part of a management company.

Of course, almost every other celebrity on this planet has been groomed to look gorgeous =P If you see many of their past photos…you will have the answer. The company wants to make their artists as presentable as possible ’cause they already have an understanding that the first thing that people notice about others is their appearance. Each artist is like a product that is neatly packaged to attract people that will bring in profit for the company. As long as the methods are natural, there is no harm in grooming an artist.

To groom one trainee, the company will need to spend billions of won.

It’s an investment for the company. Most of it is likely spent on hair and skin products for each trainee.

…although some of them are judged solely by looks.

That was expected. This is why plastic surgery has become very common over there >_< It’s sad to see how superficial society has become and how ungrateful people are for what they have. Looks don’t last forever. It’s talent, character, and who you are as a person that does.

After being an official trainee, he/she will be groomed in all aspects.

I think this applies to trainees that have joined their respective entertainment companies in the past five years or so. From all the pre-debut photos/videos that I have seen of EXO during their trainee years, they look neat and tidy in terms of appearance. Also, their skin is clear and their hair is clean. Although they wear very casual clothes, they are clean and presentable (not the “fashion runway” type that they wear at the airports after their debut. Ahem…Kris =P By the way, I don’t think his current airport outfits are the “fashion runway” type, but more of something that I would consider trendy. He knows how to carry himself in whatever he wears. I say this ’cause I’ve seen young people in my previous uni. dress up in branded clothes from head to toe EVERY SINGLE DAY! xD In the end, it’s not about what you wear, but how you carry yourself ^_~)

As for the topic about keeping fit, I don’t think the strict diet that trainees have to go through is rather healthy. Most of them are too skinny. They need to eat proper food on a regular basis. Dancing for hours already causes one to lose a lot of weight and so does stress!

Other than basic talents, the company also emphasizes on basic knowledge. The trainee will have to read newspapers everyday…

GOOD to know! They should be aware of what is going on around the world.

The last statement by Mr. Choi is rather intriguing.

I’m kind of glad that they are being open about this situation. In the end, our lovely EXO members or K-Pop stars are just like you and I. The only difference is their profession. That is all ^^ I will always look at them as normal human beings before I look at them as celebs. ^^

Hugs, anyone? ^^ Cute XiuMin and Kris
(Credit: 留霞LiuXia_鹿晗)

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