A Spark of Moonlight

IMPORTANT: Celebs. are humans, and the man-made star/fan role has been deliberately set up for monetary purposes, which also leads to idol worship. Remember, these stars are marketed to appeal to you, even if their real personality doesn’t correlate with the image that they are promoted with. Please read this.

I also highly advise fans to watch the documentary Starsuckers (see trailer), note how false information about celebrities are passed on as facts in the media in order to sell the image of the celebrity to the public, and judge for themselves.

The best way to offer support is by praying and treating the celeb. as an equal (and if he/she doesn’t treat you as an equal, then it’s better to move on). Apart from that, don’t forget the Meaning of Life. Our time in this world is limited. Live your life, my friends. Go out…

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