[ENGTRANS] 120617 EXO-K mini fan meeting – EXO-K’s letter that a fan got:

D.O’s letter

Cr: 白_小贤
Hello this is EXO-K’s D.O. Imbreally thankful that you always support us up until now. We’ll show you our better side on the next album do please look forward. Thank you. “heart”

Sehun’s letter

@sehun_say – http://twitter.com/#!/sehun_say

everyoneeee~ our last broadcast has ended!! Tears falling.. But never mind! Shall we do a quick (?) activity again?? Haha keke everyone, let’s be together till the end~~ Thank you (for being with us) until now! I love you~

Chanyeol’s letter


hello everyone. Thank you for coming to EXO-K’s last broadcast fan meeting!! Sadly, MAMA activities which have been long but short at the same time have come to an end. TT we’ll work hard to prepare for our next album so please wait a little more! I really love you & thank you.

Kai’s letter

via: kaimincouple,EXOINDOFacts

Hello I’m EXO-K’s Kai. Really thankful that you’re always together with us from the beginning till now~ let’s be together forever! If we’re to be together forever you know you must come to inkigayo tomorrow right? See you tomorrow TT we can’t see each other for a short while but I’ll miss you~ thank you

Suho’s letter


Hello I’m EXO-K members’ guardian leader Suho. It’s like yesterday was just our first stage… It’s already our last broadcast… Heuk Heuk TT I’m very sad. I want to see our fans even for 1 more day! Hehe but never mind!! We’ll do our best, work hard & practise hard to prepare for our next album while thinking of our fans!! Don’t forget EXO-K!! And please give us more~~ love! I love you.

Baekhyun’s letter

cr: dc, via:yeoshinuo, exo_m_k

Everyone that I love!! EXO-K’s MAMA last broadcast has ended~ thank you for always supporting us, giving us love. We’ll return with more handsome side. You’ll wait for us right? Hehe really, we’ll return with a handsome side!! Please wait for us! Love you & thank you.

Trans: @nicole_0514



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